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Tom VereijkenThe Commission and Member States as well as Business and Trade Unions need to invest in creative institutions, organisations and networks addressing ‘radical transformation at speed’ as well as the nexus ‘resource efficiency-equity- resilience-well being’’. EPE has developed its expertise in the field of the ‘value chain management’ as knowledge transfer manager and interdisciplinary broker for innovation. This includes policy, training and governance initiatives that reinforce the role of intermediaries, acting as change agents, facilitators and brokers between disciplines, sectors, regions and countries related to linking the fragmented value chain.

The key message is that brokering collaboration, across geographic location, time zone, language, culture, and business practices in ways that generate value, is crucial for service and product innovation. In an environment of open innovation, new roles and skills are needed to bring together the right actors and access to knowledge across Europe and globally. This requires European ‘Forum’, often including government actors, to specify the rules of engagement, to help incentive an open exchange and links in view of strategic regional collaborations between business, research, education and training.

The new generation of ‘Partnerships’ should be designed to build trust, put private sector and civil society on an equal footing, accelerate change. It should focus on partnerships contributing to a green economy in the context of poverty eradication and sustainable development. It should link with the major issue of responsibility and accountability of the public and private market actors.

Tom Vereijken
EPE President


EPE Programme 2015. A New Dynamic.



RMC – Covenant Circular Economy 2022

Your Region or City, and their relevant agencies, are invited to join the ‘Covenant Circular Economy 2022‘, a commitment to facilitate open-coordination to implement the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials.

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