EPE New initiatives

Themes 2012-2013

Our partners

Sub themes &Timing

New Generation of Partnerships, Market Actors & Business Models

Comité 21 France and the European Economic and Social Committee

With the financial support of the French Ministry of Ecology

Rewarding workshop December 14th, 2012

Rating agencies workshop 2013

New Generation of Partnerships and the Financial sector

Banks, Pension Funds and Insurance Companies Covenant to mobilize private capital in support to EU Objectives 2020

GLOBE EU, association of members of the European Parliament and GLOBE EUROPE, association of members of the national parliaments

European Parliament and Ministers of Finance Conference 2013

Value chain alliance & Sustainable Transport

European Trade Unions Confederation with the financial support of the European Commission

Sustainable mobility workshop 2012

Urban transport workshop 2012

Trade unions conference 2013

Value chain alliance &  the Building Sector

TRAINREBUILD Consortium Partners with the support of Intelligent Energy Europe

European Forum on Co-ownership September 20th, 2012

Cultural heritage, December 3rd, 2012

Value chain alliance & Re-industrialising Europe in a Circular Economy

Regional agencies dealing with resource efficiency

Workshop 2013


EPE Programme 2015. A New Dynamic.



RMC – Covenant Circular Economy 2022

Your Region or City, and their relevant agencies, are invited to join the ‘Covenant Circular Economy 2022‘, a commitment to facilitate open-coordination to implement the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials.

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