European Sustainability Leaders, Champions and Front Runners

EESCThe Resource Efficiency Alliance

European Sustainability Leaders, Champions and Front Runners

Preparing Rio+20

Poverty & Environment
Transformative Partnerships
June 5th at the European Economic and Social Committee



List of participants

ICLEI‘s activities at RIO+20
Peter Defranceschi, ICLEI Brussels Office

The Africa-EU Energy Partnership
Michael Franz – EUEI PDF, Brussels Liaison Office

BCI - Better Cotton Initiative
Nicolas PETIT, BCI Program Manager

An insight of French initiatives
Christophe Chevillion

Millenium Development Objectives and Sustainable
Development Objectives

Geneviève Verbrugge

Leadership for a Clean Revolution
Mrs. Sandra Roling, The Climate Group

Addressing Poverty and Environment
Experience and Perspectives from AFD
Mr. Alexis Bonnel


RMC – Covenant Circular Economy 2022

Your Region or City, and their relevant agencies, are invited to join the ‘Covenant Circular Economy 2022‘, a commitment to facilitate open-coordination to implement the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials.

EPE, C/o European Water Partnership. Av. de Tervuren 216; B-1150 Brussels, Belgium. Tel:+32 476 338 144. Email: