Sustainable Mobility and Integrated Planning in Urban Areas: A Trade Unions Dialogue with Local Authorities


Sustainable Mobility and

Integrated Planning in Urban Areas:

A Trade Unions Dialogue with Local Authorities 

An initiative co-financed by:

European Commission

Room B, International Trade Union House
Boulevard du Roi Albert II, n°5
B-1210 Brussels, Belgium (see directions here)

4th February 2013  - 10:00 – 17:00
5th February 2013  - 10:00 – 17:00

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Draft Agenda
Available here.

Simultaneous Interpretation EN, FR, DE with passive ES and IT.

This workshop will focus on "sustainable mobility in urban areas" and its impact on the labour market and the workplace in terms of employment creation, skills requirements, just transition, financing etc. It will aim to promote a strong dialogue between trade unions and key actors from the local level, looking at holistic mobility management and integrated planning.

The objective is to bring together the experiences and perspectives of different trade union branches in a policy dialogue with other non-union stakeholders around the topic of sustainable urban mobility. The overall aim is to use this policy dialogue to generate or feed the ongoing trade union debate on mobility questions, and to elaborate the key trade union demands at European interprofessional level in this field, also identifying future strategic partnerships to achieve these demands.

Next steps
The workshop will result in a resolution and background paper on sustainable mobility being submitted to the European Trade Union Confederation Executive Committee and an implementation strategy including strategic partnerships being developed to accompany the position. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to feed in the discussions leading to these outcomes.

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